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Give your team TimeTo
get more done

Customize and deploy automations to accelerate team productivity.

Prioritized focused time, reactive sprint planning, intelligent scheduling, and more, integrated with the tools you use.

TimeTo integrates with all calendars.

Our hackable platform flexes to your team

Expressive APIs and a flexible platform so you can choose from off-the-shelf automations and extensible custom code.

Optimize for maker time

Maximize deep work for the whole team with smart scheduling of flexible meetings.

You set the rules

Buffer, travel, morning-maker time... you choose.

Build your automations

Our extensible code, expressive APIs, and cron jobs make it easy.

Adopt reactive scheduling

With dynamic scheduling, your calendar reacts in real-time to new priorities, last minute meetings, and scope changes.

This is not your schedule on auto-pilot

Smart scheduling and dynamic optimizations increase focus and amplify productivity. But more importantly, TimeTo provides actionable data to help your team adopt sustainable and productive habits.

Get actionable insights

Your team's schedule can maximize or minimize productivity.  From your team’s dashboard, see how time is spent and where there is room for optimization.

  • Meetings
  • Fractured unproductive time
  • Deep work

Power productivity with smart time blocking

TimeTo can help team members be more intentional with their time by automating task scheduling and time blocking.

  • Stay focused with intelligent time blocking based on your priorities and deadlines
  • Protect focused work by automatically setting calendars to busy when tackling big tasks
  • Integrate team communications tools to go into DND and focused modes

Fight burnout

TimeTo measures the intensity of your team members' schedules and nudges them to adopt healthy habits.

  • Trigger automated reminders to take breaks following high intensity efforts
  • Alert managers of team members who haven't had a recent day off or holiday
  • Set personalized rules for lunch breaks and buffer time

Data security and privacy you (and your IT department) can trust.

Our parent company Morgen AG, has a proven track record of putting privacy first.

TimeTo integrates with your team's tools.

Your stack should unleash productivity, not limit it.

TimeTo integrates with your calendars and tools so your team can prioritize high quality work alongside the meetings that matter.